Hi Nate,

I like your post on the 10 do’s and do not’s of PR Majors. I have been attracted by the first one of “never lie.” However, adopting a given moral value while a person is already mature is not an easy task. There is a proverb which says that, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” So, it is better to start teaching moral values to children because a child of today is a PR professional of tomorrow.



Hi Payton,

I like you post on Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic and Parking. It is really a practical application especially when travelling. I never thought that  such an application could exist.

Comment on a photo of the scenic spot on campus

Hi Facinet,

I really like  the photo for the scenic point of St. Ambrose.  I am so much attracted by its blue color because a blue color  is generally interpreted as a symbol of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, piety, truth, heaven etc. A blue  color is also considered beneficial to the mind and to the body and is also associated with depth, expertise and stability. Another good  point in this photo is that, all these qualities attributed to a blue color are the ones which fit well to describe the spirit of St. Ambrose as a school which provides an integral human formation in all aspects of human life.



I really like your post and your point of view on mental addiction in the use of social media. Sometimes, we don’t recognize that we are really addicted and it becomes hard to solve such a problem without acknowledging its existence. This post is an advice to social media users that,  although social media play a great role in human communication and interaction, prudence, diligence and moderation should not be underestimated. Thank you for your sharing.



The Great Twitter Scavenger Hunt

1.School Spirit 

2. Hangout spot 

3. Professor on Campus 

4. Students on Campus 

5. Academic Excellence

6. Scenic point


7. Little known fact 

8. Fanatic fans

9. Extracurricular Extravaganza

10. Final unique tidbit of information









“Everything you post on social media impacts your PERSONAL BRAND. How do you want to be known?” -Lisa Horn

I like the comment done by Natalie on how everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. This is true because what you post reflects your inner self, your feelings, your inclinations,  your likes or dislikes or your behavior. In short, anything you post reveals your being and has an impact on your intrinsic or extrinsic personality either positively or negatively. I therefore grasp this post as an advice to bloggers that, whenever we make a post,  we need to remember that any post is not an end in itself but rather it has various effects one of which is on our personal brand.


 Public Relations? “Harass them until they do what you want.”


I really like this post. It depicts the real situation at field. Public relations practitioners and the members of the media are interdependent and complementary. Public relations practitioners need media to update the audience and to make their dealings reach to a large number of people. Likewise, Media professionals need Public relations practitioners to feed them with relevant stories and news, every day. So, in addition to the lack of trust between the two groups, I find also a conflict of interest as another barrier in their relationship. However, since they share a meeting point in terms of goals and audience, their relationship can be mutually beneficial through honesty and continuous communication.