Tips/advice to a new blogger

9 Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and LifeA Blog is a platform in which a person can share with others his or her personal experience, thoughts, feelings or opinions.

To new student bloggers, I will first help them to understand the role of a blog in general especially how a blog is an excellent tool in public relations, in marketing, in advertisement, in personal communication and interaction. Then, I will advice them on how to write and on what to write in a blog. What is put in the blog reflects the personality and identity of the blogger or a brand. So, a blog can build a personal or a brand’s reputation or ruin it. Yet, a blogger has to watch over the worthiness of the content and of the message of a post before its publication. The choice of right words and a right message bloggingplays a great role in blogging. In fact, a blogger must have a creative mind and must write to up date the blog. I will therefore tell the new student bloggers that,  one of the greatest mistakes  a blogger can make is to leave his or her blog dormant.

If a person creates a blog, he or she gets a room to comment on others’ blogs. This is an opportunity for him or her to build a new community of bloggers. I will thus advise the new student bloggers to visit the blog frequently so as to respond in time to comments from their followers. So, such students will have to set a specific time for blogging. This involves knowing the proper time and day when people are mostly blogging. So, in blogging, students need to know catchwords or phrases, which will attract the attention of the reader.

I will even direct the new student bloggers how to create a post,  how to update it and how to insert a photo into a blog. I will help them also to know how to create hyperlinks and how to embed a video from you tube or from other social networks into a blog.

In short, I will demonstrate to new student bloggers that blogging is an easy way for self expression. It enables a person to easily establish himself or herself as an expert in a given field of interest. A blog enables the blogger to build a community of bloggers and  to act as a source of information for readers to conduct personal research. A blog also expands a blogger’s network of friends, business associates and clients. Above all, I will advice them not to engage in blogging  all the time and forget to study.  Moderation and prudence in the use of blogs are important components not only  to students but also to all bloggers.


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