Group me

Group me is an application, which I have joined recently to improve my daily communication. I really feel the difference compared to other applications which I have like you tube, Twitter, Google+, Whats App, Viber.

With regards to its operations, there is an administrator of the group who monitors and coordinates the communications of our group.  I use it to chat, get updates from other students and above all, to facilitate communication in our club – the National Society of Leadership and Success.  All members are linked together, and once a new member joins it, the administrator connects him or her to the whole group and he or she becomes a member of the group. The application gives access to any member within the group to cancel his membership at any time.The more I use it, the more I become familiar to it.  It is an easy and a simple application to navigate. It allows easily attaching and sending pictures, video and web links as well.  It is also easy to create, remove or replace a profile photo. It has a Image result for IMAGE OF GROUPME APPLICATIONnumber of icons some of which are not found in other applications. It even has some already set GIFs images (Graphic Interchange Format). Yet, even if a person is not connected to this application, he can still get a text message and can respond to it. For those who have this application, it is possible to receive both general messages which open to all and private messages which can not be seen by other members of the group.  I can create also  a new event in my calendar and share it with other members of the group. Yet, Group me can be connected to other accounts like twitter and face book.


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