content-marketing-for-professionals-strategyIn this modern world, social media are changing the life style of the people in a way the world has never experienced.  This post includes  a list of social media  which I currently use, how I use them and the type of device I use. The post also explains about the rationale and the purpose of using such social media. As it is going to be explained,  some social media are missing some important functions which need to be improved. This post will also reveal my favorite social media, which I use mostly in my daily life.

With regards to the list of social media, I use  You Tube, Tweeter,  Google+ and WhatsApp. I use them by reading posts, by sending messages,  by exchanging views and by sharing  experience and ideas with other people all over the world.

With regards to why I use them and for what purpose,  in line with the general use of social media,  I use social media for academic reasons, to create and maintain social connections, to learn from others, to get updates, and for recreational purposes. Through social media, it is easy for people to interact and to create new relationships. Academically for example, I most of the time use You Tube video to get various tutorials in Infographic designing, in introduction to visual communication, on how to use other social media not familiar to me such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tweeter etc, and to understand some nonfiction books displayed in movies.  This is an easy way of studying because it facilitates a good assimilation of the material by combining both theories and practices. Also, through You Tube, I get  speeches of different world celebrities,  which help me to enrich my skills in public speech. In addition to that, I get a deeper knowledge of the world, by watching some You Tube video reflecting people’s culture and life in general.

Image result for pictures of people lying in social media

What I find missing from my favorite social media is the aspect of authenticity. This is an important component in social media. In You Tube for example, it is hard to understand if a given information or events is true or not. It is not easy to determine the genuineness of the materials posted in You Tube. Yet, in WhatsApp, the profile picture and status are exposed to any one who has a contact number and such picture and status can be used at any time and can be manipulated  any how without the owner’s consent.

Lastly, the social media I use most are YouTube and WhatsApp. YouTube is used,  as explained above,  as a tool to facilitate my studies and WhatsApp is used to communicate with more than 200 members with whom I interact.


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