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This is an evaluation of a post from one blog on Africa as the best continent.  I have been attracted by this post because it portrays and reveals the untold truth of Africa and its beauty. In fact, most of the blogs do not really reveal such an amazing story. Africa is mostly described figuratively as a dark continent, or as a hopeless continent. Such outlook creates a stereotype in people’s minds, of a continent in which all things are falling apart. Issues which are mostly posted or reported are mainly bad events or situations  such as wars, natural calamities, deaths, hunger, ill health, corruption, violence, poor education, diseases, etc as if such problems together make up what the continent is and nothing good can come from Africa. Such portrayal overlooks the good landscapes, cultural values, good historical sites and its richness in wild life including some animals which are only found on African continent.

Sometimes, there is a tendency of perceiving Africa as one country. This is really another aspect people need to know.  Africa is the biggest continent of the world after Asia, with around 11,677,239 square miles. So, talking of Africa as one country or associating the problems of a given country of Africa as the problems of the whole continent is not a good way of portraying the continent. Every country is unique and different. It is like using the statistics of increased violent crimes of one country in Europe for example, to portray the image of the whole Europe. Such assessment leads to the fallacy of generalization.

On the other hand, although the post portrays the untold story about Africa, I am not interested by the fact that this post is one sided. In any society, there are good things and bad things. This is undeniable fact. Every continent has its own beauty, but also has its own dark sides. So, the post does not show what is not good in Africa as a continent.  However, this post might be in line with the blogger’s intention of creating public awareness on what is not said about African continent.

Yet, the post could be accompanied by some visual images to make the message live.

Apart from that critique, I have learned from this post about the art and style of conveying a message to the point that one gets a pictorial image of what is being explained.

Image result for the beauty of african landscape photography


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